Michelle is an experienced educator who has worked with students, educators, and families on creating plans to address concerns and monitor student progress.  A school is a fast paced environment which demands are great and time is limited. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes by an experienced professional outside of the organization can identify identify new paths and options to explore.

Case Management - Michelle can help support staff hone the craft of case management--a set of skills that are crucial for bringing about student success. Michelle can assist with creating systems for the most effective time management as well as helping educators gain the tools they need to effectively manage difficult cases.

Assessment Interpretation - Michelle can help educators understand the results of an evaluation or decipher a report in order to better meet the needs of a child. She is skilled at creating useful one page summaries in teacher-friendly language.

Educator coaching/mentorship - Often a supervisor does not have the time to meet on a regular basis and grow an educator. MIchelle can engage  monthly or more frequent communication with individual staff members to identify and follow through with areas of growth needed for success.

Professional Development - Michelle can present on a variety of topics such as understanding learning differences, differentiation and effective communication.

Navigating The IEP Process - The process of an evaluation through the public school system can seem daunting even for the most seasoned parent. Michelle can help parents navigate the process and help the parent be an active advocate for their child. She can attend IEP meetings if desired as an educational consultant.  **Please note that Michelle is NOT an advocate**

Elder / Sandwhich Generation Consulting - Having the independence status of an elderly loved change can feel daunting especially when it can feel that the change has occurred seemingly overnight. Michelle is able to recommend specialists to help you and your loved one though the eldercare maze. More importantly, she is available to be a resource to you on important topics such as self-care, supporting children in understanding the changes in a loved ones status and what it truly means to be part of the sandwich generation.

On the thirtieth day following her mother’s passing, Michelle established a Facebook group, LA Elderly whose goal is support and exchange of information. For the previous ten years, she had found herself smack in the middle of the “sandwich generation” raising children and taking care of parents at the same time. She said that in the years that followed, she interacted with an imperfect system that added additional stress to an already challenging situation. She felt that our elderly who had already contributed to society as well as the family members who care for them deserve better. Her Facebook group quickly became a place of support, practical advice and referrals and now only one and a half years later, has over 1,300 members. A Second Facebook group called Orange County Elderly has also been launched to meet the needs of those who live in Orange County.

All family members and those who work in the eldercare industry are invited to join.